How to Get to Work, Save Money, and Use Your Bike for City Living
By Madi Carlson
ISBN: 978-1-59485-943-4
Price: $18.95 ($14.95 digital)
Mountaineers Books

Bicycle commuting is growing by leaps and bounds, especially among women. For many prospective bike commuters, simply seeing a bicyclist cruise past their car or bus while stuck in heavy traffic is enough to inspire a change. But many novice bike commuters crave a manual. The largest percentage of would-be bicycle commuters falls in the “Interested But Concerned” category–they have questions about rules of the road, fears about traffic, or uncertainty about how to get started. Urban Cycling is the easy-to-navigate resource that answers it all!

Author, advocate, and urban-cycler extraordinaire Madi Carlson provides accessible and appealing guidance, giving even the most hesitant bicyclist all the tools she needs to join the cycling community. Carlson details everything from choosing a bike and gear accessories to safe riding techniques, city cycling infrastructure to route planning, and multi-modal commuting to basic maintenance. She also discusses legal issues around urban biking and commuting with children. Illustrations and diagrams of various bicycle facilities and traffic situations help show readers what is expected in each, while photographs demonstrate gear essentials and riding techniques. Tips, personal anecdotes, and profiles of bike commuters and cycling organizations from around the country provide additional advice and inspiration.

Madi CarlsonMadi Carlson is the Board President of Familybike Seattle, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting bicycling as a means for moving towards sustainable lifestyles and communities. She is the co-founder and ride leader of Critical Lass Seattle, an easy social ladies’ group-ride for new and experienced bicyclists, and Director of Seattle’s Kidical Mass organization, a monthly ride for families. She is also a volunteer Cascade Bicycle Club ride leader and a graduate of CBC’s “Advocate Leadership Institutes.” While primarily a transportation bicyclist, Madi enjoys racing cyclocross, utilizing cargo bikes, and participating in all-women alleycats. Madi bikes all over the Emerald City, both alone and with her two small children, and has been profiled in the Associated Press, Outdoors NW magazine, CoolMom, and ParentMap, and she has contributed to Everyday Bicycling by Elly Blue. When not busy pedaling or encouraging others to pedal, she writes for Seattle Bike Blog as its Staff Family Cycling Expert and works with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways to advocate for safe and healthy streets.

See Madi’s blog, Family Ride, for information about everyday family biking.

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